About us

After training as a chemist and creation at Rochas Parfums, Pascal Weitz developed his taste for beauty, colors, perfumes and textures.
It has been more than 35 years since he married the profession of antique dealer, starting out in one of these famous discounts at the Flea Market on rue l’Ecuyer.
With a companion in catering in all materials, he invested in the Paul Bert and Serpette Markets in 1998 and Biron in 2013, became an active member of the Amicale des Puces and thus contributed to the promotion and enhancement of the profession.
Silverware, mirrors, chandeliers, exceptional furniture, tableware, always looking for the unique object, Pascal Weitz acquires international notoriety and becomes essential
It collaborates with the most fashionable international decorators thanks to its 13 stores where it offers a choice of unique pieces constantly renewed and dedicated to new magical destinies.